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At the age of 19, Michael had told a number of confidantes, along with one of his two sisters, that he was sexually attracted to men.

Those early years saw newspapers constantly briefed about his rampant heterosexuality.

On one occasion, Michael’s cousin, Andros Georgiou, boasted he was in the habit of sleeping with ‘four girls a night’ during tours.

Michael would spend the next four years secretly nursing him.

Feleppa’s death in 1993 threw George into what he later described as a ‘depressive spiral’.

They believe that students at the age of elementary school start developing the sexual tendency, so a healthy enviroment for children to have a normal sexual development would be a mix school for young children (males and females) at the age of 7 to 13 years old.

you can’t imagine the aggressiveness of people’s reaction towards co-education school suggestion.

They chose to ignore the tendency of homosexuality and critique the researches suggestion, although homosexuality is not accepted in Islam religion and there is a clear verse in Quran critique homosexuality while there is nothing in religion proves that mixing is a taboo or unaccepted behavior.

Saudi conservative culture is very strict when it comes to gender stuff, if you go to mosques, restaurants, coffee shops, malls or even some parks you would see that there is always female area or a ladies day only or even family area where single men are not allowed.

In 2006, his sexual appetite landed him in trouble with the law after he was escorted from the Park Lane Hilton having been found wandering the corridors in a balaclava in search of a man he’d met in a bar and arranged to meet for sex.

Saudi researches came up with a very interesting research a question aiming to see the most common reason of being expelled from school among young male students.

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