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Others use flirting to gain some immediate advantage, like free drinks at the bar or a better table for dinner.Find out which flirting “style” best describes your love and try seeing things through their eyes.= I'm not suggesting you hide your condition =I'm saying men react to what they see as a problem.

Resentment is like mold — it grows fastest in dark, hidden places.

If you have concerns about how much your partner flirts with others, bring them into the open. You may find that a misunderstanding lies at the heart of the matter.

Am i doing it wrong by telling guys before i meet them ? My friend DOES have a full sex life, but can have no children.

I think that one should be proactive in their health. and took charge of my health and it's a different world for the past 15 years-People do NOT need to accept a diagnosis as final.vvvvv it simply says get as healthy as possible first You've made assumptions about the intent of my post-It's your choice to take it personally or not to Hyst is one of the most unnecessary procedures there are surgically IMO What in there suggested that im not proactive about my health? She found a mate who didn't want children, so everything is mostly okay (nothings ever perfect! So, if your chronic pain means "no sex," then you'll probably get a lot of guys mad at you if you date them for several weeks before telling them.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.**MEDICALLY GRAPHIC** So about 7 months ago i was diagnosed with a chronic pain disease.

Its called endometriosis, and basically its a pain disease that messes with my hormones and makes me have cramps, pelvic pain, back pain, and leg pain alot more than im suppose to.

It’s possible that what you call flirting is really just normal, harmless social interaction.

Take your own pulse to be sure you aren’t showing signs of unreasonable possessiveness.

If it's not a problem for YOU, it's no problem for THEM. Why is it all of a sudden things esp of the female/male reproductive system is to be public knowledge? You need the right doctor NOW as you may have some scar tissue/small tumor that is easily removed on something causing CHRONIC pain.. Then there are many things to ease pain and supplements that will make them less severe.

Take any women off the street -- if she complaints 20 days a month about her monthly visit, guys will avoid her because she "appears" to be disfunctional. Your diet is very important..hormones can also help.

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