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Least intimidating team names

Professional athletes must be extremely grateful for their team mascots.

It was only natural that someone would make the legendary creature a mascot.

The only question is, how did the Community Colleges of Spokane claim Sasquatch first?

I don’t understand why teams choose names that wouldn’t even intimidate a grandmother.

With all of the amazing animals out there, I’m still questioning the Anaheim Ducks.

You don’t need to look under a bridge or in the comments of anything on the Internet to find the Trolls. You’d think that Traverse City would be in California or Florida with a nickname like the Beach Bums. It isn’t false advertising, however, as there really is a beach at Traverse City on Lake Michigan.

Interestingly enough, the Beach Bums are a minor league baseball team that isn’t associated with an MLB team.

It’s definitely a more creative nickname than “Vikings.” That said, a nickname like this lends itself to some silly thoughts.

Would the Swedish Chef from the Muppets be considered a Terrible Swede?

Amherst College was named after the city in Massachusetts where the college is located, which is nothing unusual.

What is unusual is that the athletic program uses the name of the man for whom the city and ultimately the college are named after: Lord Jeffery Amherst.

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