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Validating large xml files

Altova XMLSpy is the only XML editor with the revolutionary, patented Smart Fix validation functionality.

Smart Fix provides options for fixing XML validation errors that you can apply automatically, with a single click.

Goto Line needs to count lines from the start of the file, so depending on the line number this can be slow. If you change the file, the whole file must be re-written to incorporate the change, and that's down to the speed of your hardware.

All other operations are very fast, so for example, select all, copying huge blocks of data, going to end of file all happen instantly regardless of the file size. The Windows clipboard is held in memory, if you opened a huge file, did select all, copy, and we put that data on the Windows Clipboard bad things would happen.

In addition, as you work, intelligent XML editor features such as context-sensitive code completion and entry helper features offer you valid choices based on the content model and your location in a document.

In addition to Smart Fix, the XML validator includes numerous features for helping you create valid XML documents and validate existing XML files quickly and easily.

For Starters, any file like the sample below is a well-formed XML file.

The large file editor looks and feels like any other text editor, but with one significant difference, it can open and edit huge files instantly.

The editor opens these instantly and can even re-format them.

When a long line is encountered it is wrapped, this length can be configured in the settings.

"XMLMax was the only editor I could find which could quickly open, edit and repair a huge XML feed in excess of 1 GB.

" Corey Flett, Senior Systems Integrator, Investors Group, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada All testimonials...

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    Nov 13, 2003. Hi, how can I validate huge XML files 200MB against given. XSD schemas? Of course I can't open them with Oxygen. Do I have do write Java program using the well known libraries or is there a command line tool available that can do this for me? It should support the lastest standards XSD indicators.…