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Dont bother telling me my ex dating quote

Do you secretly fantasize about your ex while having sex with your present lover? Even though the relationship is over, many of us never want to move on.

After all, pros and cons never work in love, instincts and feelings do. Do you imagine circumstances where you bump into your ex?

Use these 10 signs to find out of your ex is ruining your present romance and any chances of a happier life. In your mind, do you constantly find yourself comparing every little detail of your new relationship with your past relationship?

You have to understand that no relationship is ever the same.

And the love that you experience with anyone else will never truly be love, because you’re still holding on to the love you have for someone else, someone who will never love you back again.

[Read: The right way to talk about past relationships with your lover] Are you still in love with your ex?

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