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Fifty cent and vivica fox dating

She clarified that “he’s not,” but that a “XXL” magazine cover 50 Cent posed for in 2010, where his arm was draped over rapper Soulja Boy, made her question his sexuality: “We had a great time.He just seems like he’s got something that’s not quite clear.” Burruss exclaimed, “That was some tea! That was major shade.” Fox tweeted after the show to confirm that she wasn’t backing away from her comments.

Fox has set off a firestorm over comments she made about her ex-boyfriend Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Sunday on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” The actress, 51, is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of the hit Fox series “Empire” and WWHL host Andy Cohen asked her about comments the rapper had made about the show.

“What were your thoughts when 50 Cent blamed the season ratings dip on ‘gay stuff’? What she said next left Cohen and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss reeling.

said demonstrators at a Chicago campaign rally for his father could not explain what they were protesting. Fans were upset when Miley Cyrus posted some unflattering photos of "Full House" star Jodie Sweetin from her partying days.

Sweetin took the high road, saying, "I don't pay attention to negative stuff." Reality star Kim Kardashian didn't take too kindly to Bette Midler criticizing her for posting a nude selfie in March 2016.

Soulja Boy and 50 Cent responded to Fox on Twitter and Instagram by posting unflattering photos of the veteran actress with sexually explicit and offensive captions that criticized her age and looks.

Soulja Boy’s photo was later deleted after Fox apologized for including the young rapper in the media melee.

, which led to questions about 50 Cent slamming the show.

"What were your thoughts when 50 Cent blamed the season ratings dip on 'gay stuff'? WATCH: 50 Cent's Lavish Lifestyle Revealed in Bankruptcy Docs, Spends 8,000 a Month!

In September 2016 it was reported that the pair were on the outs.

Musician John Legend was not having it in March 2016 when Donald Trump Jr. A Trump supporter on Twitter said Legend has "no education," to which Legend replied, "the Donalds and I graduated from the same University, funny enough," referring to the University of Pennsylvania.

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