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The advantage is that we are beginning to realize that we cannot build our cooperation upon programs or specific methods of doing church.

If methods are what unite us, then the diversity of Southern Baptist churches would become an almost insurmountable obstacle to fulfilling the Great Commission together.

Instead, our diversity has forced us to unite around the basics of our faith, expressed in our confessional consensus, the Baptist Faith and Message.

B: For you, what was the highlight of the SBC 2010 Pastor’s Conference? His message was a word of encouragement to weary pastors, and God used him to strengthen our resolve and remind us of the great calling we have as shepherds of God’s church. Kevin Ezell did an outstanding job bringing old and new faces together.

It was obvious that that Conference intended to appeal to a younger generation, which by looking at the diversity of ages in the crowd, it certainly did.

What I like most about Bryant Wright is that his church has been at the forefront of the short-term missions movement, which I think is a positive development in recent years.

Mission trips almost always lead to more global-mindedness on the part of a congregation, as well as missional thinking in our own neighborhoods.

So in that sense, the state of the Convention varies from year to year.

The real question behind this question, I’m guessing, is what is the current state of the Southern Baptist churches?

Hunt elevated the conversation, refocused our attention on the Great Commission, built bridges between warring camps, and brought along the younger generation.

That is no small feat for a president whose term is two years.

B: Ten years from now, what will Johnny Hunt be most remembered for?

T: We’re much too close to the events to be able to make predictions as to how historians will think of Johnny Hunt’s presidency.

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