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There are also another 253,000 people aged 40 and above who are divorced, separated or widowed and some of them may be looking for a second chance at love.

"Agencies also told us that targeted events would be more effective," a spokesman said.Prior to this, Singapore held a record for 60 singles speed dating in cable cars in 2009 and 52 singles speed dating on the MRT in 2008.The number of single Singaporeans above 40 years old is on the rise, and they are getting new help to find love.The Sunday Times understands that agencies must still cap the number of such targeted events to no more than a fifth of the total number of get-togethers they hold.Interest in events for the over-40s has been strong, said agencies.Some older women have been turned away by agencies that say a fair share of men are looking for younger wives who can bear children.Older singles have welcomed matchmaking events for their age group because these increase their chances of finding a partner.They say their expectations are different from younger people's and they tend to be less choosy when considering a mate."The women don't mind as much if they are earning more than the men," said Ms Michelle Goh, founder of Complete Me."Their standards are also different as they are more mature and look for intrinsic qualities instead of emphasising looks." There are older men open to dating women in their 40s too.Ms Violet Lim, chief executive of Lunch Actually, said older singles looking for love are also more ready to commit and settle down.

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