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"There's nothing more to it." Luke Bovard, who studies applied math, says he's been "vaguely aware" of his asexuality since his early adolescence.

Not to toot my own horn, but -- according to others -- my green eyes, dirty blonde/mermaid hair and deep curves make me "attractive." Despite my features, though, I have a tendency to date people who are what you might call "genetically jaded."In other words, my friends have ALWAYS told me I "could do better" whenever they see a picture of the guy I'm dating. And, to be honest, out of all the guys I’ve EVER had ANY type of relationship with, I was never initially attracted to their looks.Masturbation doesn't make you sexual, says sex expert Lori Brotto.She estimates that half of all asexuals stimulate themselves on a fairly regular basis.One female asexual said that while she masturbates about once a month, she has no idea why she does it; it just feels like something she's biologically compelled to do."It's like an itch that you have to scratch," Luke Bovard, a 23-year-old graduate student at Canada's University of Waterloo, explained matter-of-factly, leaning back on a Brooklyn park bench during a recent visit to New York City.Here At Asexual Dating We Welcome Like-Minded Singles to Meet New People In a Relaxing Environment! This is the third part of a six-part series on asexuality, in which we explore the history of the asexual movement, uncover current research on asexuality, debunk common misconceptions and discuss the challenges the asexual community faces.We want to look into the eyes of a partner and see someone worthwhile staring back. We can have sexual appetites usually seen in nymphomaniacs, but if we're not comfortable with you, we're not going to let you see that sexual side of us.We need to know what's on your mind before we see what's in your pants.And I’ve finally figured out why I can date people I don't initially find that physically attractive. Since I am demisexual, I do “not experience sexual attraction unless [I] form a strong emotional connection with someone.”The first time I read this, it made perfect sense.All of my boyfriends had originally been my friends.

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