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Emilie de ravin dating robert pattinson

It was so close to filming that we didn't have time to rehearse.

A source close to the couple says, “She knows screen kisses are part of Rob’s job, but it doesn’t make things easier, seeing sexy photos of him and Emilie in full lip-lock.” A friend of Rob’s puts it more explicitly: “Kristen saw a photo of them kissing and flipped out.” And according to some who were on the beach for the scene that day tell OK!

that both R-Pattz and Emilie seemed to be enjoying the scene.

"Love is such an objective thing," she says, in a suitably vague answer to a necessarily vague question about love. It's chemistry." Either way, if she's in love when we meet, there is no ring on her finger.

"I mean, I can say I love my family, or I love my Diet Coke," she continues, gesturing towards her Coke can. Of course she was romantically linked to Pattinson during filming, but RPattz could star opposite Ellen De Generes and there would be rumours.

It’s clear Rob and Emilie have a lot of movie chemistry. Just my take – she’s a smart enough girl to know a player when she sees one.

Kristen is hoping it hasn’t spilled over into real life.” [From OK!

You'll most likely recognise the Australian actress de Ravin as the young mother Claire in Lost (currently in its explosive sixth series on Sky1), but her association with Pattinson has catapulted her into the celebrity weeklies.

When we meet in New York, where the film is set, a blizzard is raging outside the hotel window.

Like Pattinson, she seems embarrassed about her success, shrugging off compliments and rolling her eyes at talk of fans and paparazzi.

"I get recognised," she says with a dismissive wave, "but I'm not the sort of person who frequents popular clubs.

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