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Inspired by Slate's Dave Weigel's discovery of some CPACer seeking "casual encounters" on Craigslist, we found 10 listings for dudes seeking dudes mentioning CPAC, and we thought we'd compare their approaches to the expert's advice Even Callista's Bad Jokes Play Into Newt's Delusions of Grandeur Is it unfair to compare advice clearly meant for heterosexuals to gay CPACers on Craigslist? We searched for CPAC women in "missed connections" and other personals and found none, unfortunately.However, Talking Points Memo reporter Benjy Sarlin tweeted that Juggler "says it's basically the same tricks for dating gay conservatives."Conservatives Fear Perry Will Start Another Culture War CPAC Tip: "When talking to the cute girl in a group don't just talk to the girl, bring other people in." (via Sarlin.) Craigslist says:  Correct!Otherwise stuck in the 'friend zone.'" (via Sarlin.) Craigslist says:  Incorrect.

Your Uncle Fred, who actually tells funny stories about his time in the service, has been served just the right amount of perfectly-aged scotch, and he’s in the midst of recounting one of his many humorous anecdotes about his time in Vietnam and the kind of trouble he and his platoon got into.He criticizes your neighborhood: “Mc Mansions are going to kill this earth. You can totally live in about 200 square feet, man.” And then the And that’s why we’re going to turn you on to a Christmas gift from our friends at Patriot Depot (owned by the same wonderful people who bring you Conservative Tribune) that isn’t just treating yourself or another conservative father. It’s a .99 investment against a slice of fresh hell: RELATED: CNN Will Be Furious After Trump Golf Course Has Permanent Replacement for White Truck Yes, that’s right. like guys with a conservative look." And: "Normal young prof guy here clean cut 5 10 150 auburn blue [anatomical reference redacted]."" data-reactid="34"Young participant at CPAC dating panel describes perfect girl as 5' 7", good hair, nice skin, 'works for FOX News.'" (via Sarlin.) Craigslist says: Close! "looking to meet up with other CPAC bi-guys." CPAC only, okay? Example: "Very non conspicious as I will have a sport coat and tie on." Also: "I am looking to host a CPAC attendee/s. '" (via  Moody.) Craigslist says:  No. "looking to meet up with other CPAC bi-guys." CPAC only, okay? Now, however, he decides to speak up, with a sneer: “You know you and your ‘friends’ were just over there for imperialist purposes, right? Trust us: pay a little now, or a lot for tofurkey later.” Uncle Fred looks at him like he’s talking French (or Vietnamese). Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you know someone who needs this shirt.The Republican Party is not known for promoting casual dating, so naturally the Conservative Political Action Conference's panel on conservative dating drew more reporters -- like NASCAR fans rooting for a crash -- than small-government singletons ISO same.But while the panel offered some acceptably embarrassing quotes, not to mention a semi-famous "pick-up artist" who goes by Juggler, the real lessons appear to be going on in nearby hotels.not looking to be crazy  but making out, oral maybe more is cool for me if it is for you.your pics and stats get mine and definitely real quiet about trying this hope you will be too."" data-reactid="30"CPAC Tip: "Conservative dating tip 6: Bring up sex early, but not necessarily first date.

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