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Furthermore, men are also highlighting the embarrassment of having personal care provided by (young) female carers, being able to attract and/or retain partners as a result of physical or medical barriers and difficulties in conversing with other men about their disability.COM 2071 Sex, Sexuality and Desire COM 3073 Research Dissertation Postgraduate Teaching Contributing to the following modules: M.

When it comes to eating out, Newcastle boasts a diverse range of dining options.

For those with a weak spot for the Mediterranean cuisine, make your way to cosmopolitan Beaumont Street in Hamilton for some cosy cafe options and bold, hearty flavours.

Gendering Sex Addiction This project focuses on understanding of the relationship between sex addiction, gender and health.

Despite the overwhelming number of referrals for therapy being men with some estimates suggesting a ratio differential as large as 5:1 (Garcia et al.

Furthermore, despite the increasing availability of dating advice in magazines and on television, radio and the internet, very little guidance and support is available for heterosexual men to help them navigate the social, emotional, health and physical risks associated with contemporary dating practices.

This project responds to a current absence in the field to explain the relationships between, men, masculinity and dating.This project responds to the need for research that provides more empirically grounded data on heterosexual men’s identities and subjectivities (Hockey et al, 2007; Mooney-Somers and Ussher, 2010).At present, we remain highly dependent upon media narratives that offer contradictory accounts of men’s responses to contemporary dating practices.By default, men have often been at the centre of such analysis without reference to their gender.As a result, men’s emotions and broader well-being is often understood as unproblematic and self-evident.Many singles find that Newcastle isn't the easiest place to find a partner; it's often hard to break out of existing social circles and meet people who are serious about finding love.That's why an enormous 51% of singles are using online matchmaking services - it's simply a more effective way of meeting like-minded singles in Newcastle.In turn, the project will make available insights that will feed into strategies tackling public health outcomes such as increased STIs and HIV and/or even unintended pregnancies and its consequences.Men, Masculinity and Disability (with the Papworth Trust) The study of men with disabilities is nothing new.But before your mind conjures a myriad of possible first-date-disaster scenarios, you should be comforted to know that Newcastle is one of Australia’s best cities for first dates; a charismatic, multi-sided city with something for everyone.It may seem like a tired cliché, but going for a simple drink on a first date is the most effective way of gauging whether someone could be a potential partner.

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