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How frequently do these Auckland buses get this close?

"They run on a tight loop circuit, so they're quite often together," says Hunter.

We're also part of a global network of leading online dating websites (we're in 25 countries and counting! This means that we are in a strong position to provide up-to-date dating and relationship advice that's both world-class relevant to Kiwi singles.

Indeed, our global positioning means that we can easily access useful insights from internationally qualified relationship experts (such as our in-house psychologist, Salama Marine), while our focus on creating content Kiwis (such as Wellington born-and-raised NZ editor Sophie Watson) means that this advice has a genuinely local flavour.

One of the main things that sets Elite Singles apart from other dating sites is our members.

We're home to some of NZ's smartest single men and single women - 91% are educated to Bachelor's level or higher.

We have these measures in place as your privacy is our priority; we want you to only share what you want, when you want, with whom you want.

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At Elite Singles NZ, we are devoted to our Kiwi members.

We’re shaking up online dating in NZ by building a community of Kiwis looking for lasting relationships. So, how can you take the first step in finding the right person for you on New Zealand's premier dating site? For the best chance of being voted into the community of Kiwi singles, make sure you include your personal details and dating preferences.

Getting started with us is simple; all you have to do is create a standout profile and submit it to our community for approval. Don't forget to upload a dazzling profile photo to show off your best side.

If you are one of the thousands of New Zealanders who gave Twosome a try — thank you. For general enquiries or to express interest please contact us.

We are leaving the door open to finding the site a new owner.

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