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And it was like, you know, "Well, do we keep the glass windows so people from the outside can see in?

NARRATOR: The arithmetic of American porn is staggering.

NARRATOR: And then there's Flynt's latest enterprise, a Main Street emporium called Hustler Hollywood.

INTERVIEWER: And how many million homes were you in?

NARRATOR: That's four million homes every month paying to view a Vivid video.

BILL ASHER: We distribute those movies on video, VHS, DVD.

NARRATOR: The new technology allowed pornography to break through into the mainstream and into association with some of the biggest brand names in American business.Now a new political moment, and those questions are being raised.NARRATOR: They're in their late teens, brought to Los Angeles, discovered by one of Clive's talent scouts.And the people who are running the companies now, they're educated.BILL ASHER, President, VIVID Entertainment Group: Who do we appeal to?BILL ASHER: About every six months we've been able to get another large, well-known distributor to offer our content to their consumers.Viewer discretion is advised.] CLIVE Mc CLEAN: This is how it starts.Generally, our buy rates are between were between 10 to 20 percent.In a wired world, who can say what offends the community standard of decency?" And we were, like, "Yeah, we want people to see in, and we want people to break the stereotype that sex is dirty." We're getting a lot of women, which is what we wanted.Whether it's a massage oil or an adult movie or a vibrator or whatever it is, its so that they- I think that the couples use the products together.

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