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Repression always magnifies emotions, and acting-out behaviors are greatly amplified under these conditions, Any type of upset will have your Borderline taking their frustrations, anger and disappointments out on you--regardless of who's triggered them!Unfortunately, you've become the scapegoat for their unresolved rage left over from childhood.More often than not, we can lose sight of who we are.

In case you weren’t familiar, borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental health problem.

When someone has it, their attitudes, beliefs and behaviour can cause longstanding problems in their (and your) life.

Know that it’s not you, and there’s nothing you can do but be there. We may have fears of abandonment, and worry that you may leave at any given time. We’re not doubting you, we’re more doubting ourselves. Please don’t question an unpredictable mood, simply ask how we’re feeling and if there’s anything you do.

Likely, there’s not, but it’s nice to know you want to help 4.

Their high-functioning Borderline may act respectable/responsible in their outer world, but physically volatile at home.

The mask they wear outside their life with you, has them suppressing difficult feelings, to keep up appearances.venture out during one of your separations and date another, is tantamount to provoking a ten point earthquake on the Richter Scale!Ironically, it's perfectly acceptable for them to do the Mattress Mambo with as many casual partners as they wish--but heaven help you, if you draw outside the lines just one tiny bit; the seismic reaction will be one you'll never live down.It can be incredibly scary and incredibly daunting at the same time.You often struggle to deal with your own emotions yourself, let alone letting someone else in to get to know them.You've been pretty successful putting all that behind you up until now, which triggers shameful feelings and recrimination about how you could have allowed yourself to get into this position.The sad truth is, we can't know what we don't know yet~ so this is your chance to learn about BPD, but also gain invaluable insights about yourself.It can be scary, and we desperately need your support. Please know we don’t mean it and we feel tremendous amounts of guilt for doing it. It’s as if something horrible has taken over our personality and, until we’re calm, the real us doesn’t come. The guilt we feel afterwards and the longing for your forgiveness is the worst thing about it. We’re sorry in advance for waking you up for a hug during the night. For all the times our outbursts take over, the paranoia sets in or the countless times we feel we’re drowning in our own emptiness, we’re sorry. But we will love you more than you’ll ever know: For supporting us, for loving us and for staying.Broken sleep and nightmares that we desperately try to tame with medication have a way of haunting us. Internet worms can show up in a harmless email, but when you open it, you're infected.This malicious virus screws with your PC's functions and programs, to where you can barely navigate--and ultimately crashes your hard drive.

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