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Php xml updating

XPath and XSLT are two such tools that are worth checking out.

I have a very simple script that basically searches an xml file for a node based on the id of another node. For some reason my code is not performing the update.

Then, you need to learn how to read and write XML in PHP, which you can do in many ways.

This article provides a short primer on XML, then explains how to read and write XML in PHP. It doesn't define what data is being stored or the structure of that data.

This isn't handy and makes the search less useful.

There is a new variant of the Doc Book markup which makes more sense for OO APIs, and it should be converted. You will need: You'll end up with a pile of XML files in myrardocs/.

For the purposes of this article, all you need is well-formed XML.

If you think XML looks a lot like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), you're right.

I never recommend using regular expressions to read XML, but sometimes it's the most compatible way because the regular expression functions are always available. Listing 5 shows how the DOM builds the books XML file.

Don't use regular expressions to read XML that comes directly from users; you don't control the form or structure of that XML. The real value of using the DOM is that the XML it creates is always well formed.

You think that you're creating perfect XML, but then you find that certain elements aren't encoded properly when you try to run data through it.

XML has always had a lot of hype and confusion surrounding it.

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