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“He really cut him down in the middle of his rise and it was nothing to do with who he was.

Brian Lee Hall has been charged with murder in the Saturday shooting death of Demetrius Dennis.

Court documents outline a violent encounter Saturday night at a home in the 400 block of West Central Avenue in Spokane.

Hall is the ex-boyfriend of a woman with whom Dennis had been living in the home.

Dennis and the woman had a 2-month-old child together.

She was married to the footballer but they divorced in August 2016. Even though their relationship is only a couple of months old, their love seems to be strong.

In the April's episode of RHOC, Beqiri told her fellow star that she and her boyfriend is in a good place and everything with him felt really good.

“He would have given you his shirt off his back,” Hampton said.

Dennis’ cousin Kimberly Hampton said the shooting had nothing to do with Dennis’ business.

Hall is expecting his first child as his lover is pregnant.

If you are a fan of TOWIE, this news might be making you go head-over-heels.

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