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You could also sync a video the traditional way– each of you independently go to the video and then one of you does a countdown for when to click. Get your mind off of things and enjoy each other’s company in a fun way.

This is really helpful for couples who are extroverts- you can enjoy yourself without your partner feeling like they’re left out.

Sometimes when I hear about the parties my significant other went to, I feel a bit unhappy- like I wish I could be there.

My friend used to do this all the time with her boyfriend.

She used Facetime to send messages, voice snippets or videos.

Suggest doing some serious research if you’re definitely going there, like getting to know the visa requirements.

Even if you don’t have a set date, reading forums and tips online, watching videos on Youtube, planning an itinerary and thinking about a budget would still be fun.It might be a little boring for some, but I’m super competitive and so I like to play games with my significant other sometimes.My partner doesn’t like newer games, so we stick to card games.Give the freedom to your fantasy: maybe diving in Maldives, doing a safari in Africa, attending a festival in Netherlands or travelling on the top of the train in Bangladesh has been your dream…Talk about your dream holidays and find a common one.It’s super easy to play together using Your Turn My Turn.The website is really basic, so it doesn’t slow down your connection if you’re skyping at the same time.SEE: 10 guys Selena Gomez should date instead of Justin Bieber.The Trojan, called T9000, was spotted by security company Palo Alto Networks, and it automatically captures data about conversations made on the infected system's Skype software (stock image pictured).This can give your traditional long talks a bit of a twist.Perfect option if you or your partner is a music lover!

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