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Saudi arabia dating customs

Thus, expatriates living in Saudi Arabia will soon discover that family bonds are still much stronger there than in many other cultures, to the extent that they permeate all aspects of life, even the business world.

Cultural life in Saudi Arabia rests strongly within the confines of strict interpretations of the Quran.

This gives women a lot more freedom in that, before they had to have a male family member with them to complete any kind of formal transaction.

The idea is that women’s identity cards are the first step towards reducing the guardianship law which dictates that women, regardless of their age, must have a male guardian, be it their husband or their brother, wherever they go.

It is governed by firm religious beliefs, rules and traditions, which expats must acclimatize to, for the law is no more lenient on foreigners than it is on local residents.

The traditions and attitudes of local society have been shaped by Islamic as well as Bedouin culture.

The number of North American and European expats is estimated at just over 100,000.

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Despite aspiring to be a modern state in many respects, the Saudi nation still has one of the most traditional societies worldwide.However, the country is making slow progress toward some form of gender equality.The late King Abdullah endeavored to grant women a larger role in Saudi society.This absence can be explained by the fear of idolatry in Wahhabism (or Salafism), the form of Islam which dominates life in Saudi Arabia.Women who live in Saudi Arabia have a defined legal status –they have fewer rights than men in many respects and play a very limited role in public.Are you about to begin an exciting new life in Saudi Arabia?In recent years, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world has attracted numerous multinational companies and foreign workers.Located at the center of important ancient trade routes, the Arabian people were enriched by many different civilizations.As early as 3,000 BC, Arabian merchants were part of a far-reaching trade network that extended to south Asia, the Mediterranean and Egypt.For example, while foreign women can book themselves into a resort on their own, Saudi women enjoy no such luxury.The culture of Saudi Arabia is a rich one that has been shaped by its Islamic heritage, its historical role as an ancient trade center, and its Bedouin traditions.

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