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We got into the room and he asked me if I wanted to use the bathroom or something .. I flirted with him a lot but he never flirted back. She liked it slow and easy with her legs pushed high. It all started , hell I don't know , Just one day out of the blue I began to notice him watching me. I remember looking at him all the way through high school.

I've had sex with another teacher in my classroom, numerous times during our prep, but back to my point. he said he would be in his office this afternoon cleaning out stuff for the end of the semester..I am going to go, but I need some ideas, tell me or message me what you think I should do. Now hes not as rude as the character Im going to portray, but who knows, he may really be thinking these thoughts. When I was 15, nearly 16, I hated maths and I was terrible at it. I got to her classroom and sat down and waited for her to arrive. She then came over and started rubbing my penis while she... My English teacher who is 37 has been giving me obvious hints throughout the course of the year. I wrote a story a few days ago about my chemistry TA hinting that if I blew him, or more I would get an A in chemistry (even though I already have an A). Went to the TA's office to talk about something involving my Chemistry class..I am pretty sure he was alluding to the fact that if I sucked him off or more I would get an A.

My teacher was the only reason that I looked forward to the lessons! He told me I had to have extra lessons on my own after school because otherwise I would fail my... I am going to my TA's office hours this afternoon, I didn't go last week, figured it would look too suspicious and that I was purposefully trying to tease him. Things began to escalate as we spend more time together, not only during school but after school as well. I literally just got this email from him....okay, so you tell me what you think. He didn't come out and say it, but I still got the message. lawtner an the moment I seen him I fell in love with him he was gorgeous an had this amazing bum haha everything I would have a detention for science he would take over it so miss could go and do something else an id always be giving him the eyes an always smile I could tell I...

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I would fantasy him while in bed, in the shower and he was the first thing I would think of when I woke up.

One extremely hot day in May I decided to wear short shorts and a tight white tank top...

I was on campus one Saturday serving a Saturday detention. He was 45 and i had crushed on him for two years and i had fantasized about him more times than i can remember.

I went up to him and started flirting but he didnt seem...

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