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What that means is that we have absolutely no data recording human activity at all in the Ashley Madison database dump from Impact Team.

Put any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions in the comments area.Had the Impact Team been more nosy, or had more time to dump the data, we might be looking at extremely detailed information on what humans said to each other as they flirted and planned their hookups.So much for Ashley Madison's guarantee that they will keep your affair hushed up.Those columns had been populated by bots, obediently checking in every time they talked to a human male.Perkowski also pointed me to a column in the database called ishost.Whatever the total number of real, active female Ashley Madison users is, the company was clearly on a desperate quest to design legions of fake women to interact with the men on the site.The Ashley Madison source code comes from the second dump released by Impact Team -- at 20 gigabytes compressed, it was about twice the size of the first.So I decided to delve more into what else these host accounts held.Out of 70,572 hosts, 70,529 were female and only 43 were male.What I learned from examining the site's the source code is that Ashley Madison's army of fembots appears to have been a sophisticated, deliberate, and lucrative fraud.The code tells the story of a company trying to weave the illusion that women on the site were plentiful and eager.

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