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Updating xbox dashboard

7 games were removed from the list due to bugs: Codename: Kids Next Door – Operation: V. An official Xbox 360 hard disk is required to play any of the games on this list.

The hard disk is used to store the emulation software, and also to store saved games, downloaded content, and to serve as a data cache for titles which utilize disk caching.

As of April 2010, original Xbox games no longer can be played online via the Xbox Live service, as it was ended for the original Xbox console. E., Curse: The Eye of Isis, Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4, 2002 FIFA World Cup, NBA Live 2003, Rugby 2005, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Severe video lag in many cutscenes cause audio and video to be out of sync.

Minor slowdown in a few areas, most notably on stages with rain.

This is a list of Xbox games that are compatible with the console's successor, the Xbox 360.

Microsoft ceased adding titles to the list in November 2007, so the list is considered final.

All of the Acclaim demos movies and the Competitive Edge movie fail to run and just take the user back to the previous menu.

All of the Scores videos will play in the game but will fail to play in the Movie menu.Downloadable content for these titles is not available via Xbox Live. The last update for Xbox 360 backwards compatibility in North America was on November 27, 2007, raising the total number of Xbox games compatible with the Xbox 360 to 461,.This includes the Xbox Originals downloaded on the Xbox 360 and any Xbox game running on the Xbox 360. These profiles are downloaded from Xbox Live, or are downloaded manually from and burned on CD or DVD recordable media.Since games for the original Xbox were designed with the expectation that a hard drive always would be available, most titles rely heavily on its presence.An early version of the emulator for playing Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 offline initially was included with the Xbox 360 hard drive at launch.If the widescreen column is "No", pillar boxing is used to preserve aspect ratio on high definition displays (most HDTVs have an option to change or stretch the image to fill the screen).Note that all compatible games will stretch to widescreen, potentially distorting the aspect ratio, if the Xbox 360 is configured for standard definition (480i / 576i) or enhanced definition (480p / 576p).The original list for North America comprised 279 games and was released on November 11, 2005. They were also distributed as part of the content on the Official Xbox Magazine monthly discs, which were discontinued in 2012.The Japanese version of the Xbox 360 console was compatible with only 12 games, while the European version had 156 games. The profiles are downloaded as a single bundle, thus only needing to be applied once per update if doing so offline, or are automatically downloaded the first time a compatible game is inserted.Shows instructional race videos at the beginning of the race every time the game is restarted and begin a race for the first time. On VGA cable the aspect ratio looks closer to 14:9 than Widescreen 16:9.Occasionally dialogue audio is replaced by loud static; Music does not play at all, or all sound played can be choppy, especially at times when there are a more than a few ambient noises, or when an area is first loaded (this usually subsides after a few seconds).

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