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The beta version is available to all users with an active support plan as well as to the users with a trial license.

You can also browse the knowledge base, it could be that your issue is already addressed there.

I hope you enjoy the new way to run tick data backtests and I have to say it’s only going to get better from here: a lot of new exciting features are planned for Tick Data Suite v2 so stay tuned!

Enabling tick data backtesting with TDS2 is as easy as activating the “Use tick data” checkbox and clicking the Start button.

The “Tick Data Settings” dialog contains an extensive selection of settings that you can tweak, ranging from variable spread, GMT, DST and slippage to all the small details that affect your backtest such as commission or swaps.

The other caveat of importing data manually is the huge disk space requirement. Key Features about Tick Data Suite v2 are: Tick Data Suite v2 comes with an clear Tick Data Downloader called Tick Data Manager which supports automatic Downloads of Real Tickdata from Dukascopy and True FX.

Soon there will be also a feature that allows you to add your own Data Sources.Finally, please note that this is a beta version and even though it was tested extensively, it is entirely possible that it may still have this Review TDS2 How to backtest using tick data with Metatrader 4 i will give you an overview how handy TDS2 really is.In the Operations Tab of each Currency Symbol you can choose between a date for the tick data that you would like to download.As default it will download from first available start date.After spending the better part of an year in development, three weeks and five iterations in closed beta, Tick Data Suite v2 is finally ready for public beta testing.It’s important to note that TDS2 is not just an update, it’s more like a sequel – think of it like a movie: The Godfather 2 is not exactly an update to The Godfather.You can use as many MT4 installations on the same PC as you want; all the tick data is held in the central repository and you need no extra space for the tick data for each MT4 installation, it’s automatically available in all of them.On a modern PC the overhead for feeding the data directly is between 30-60 seconds for a complete 2003-2016 EURUSD backtest using Dukascopy data, which might as well be completely disregarded given how long such a backtest typically takes.To download TDS2, head to the Tick Data Downloads page.Many other improvements and fixes were included in this version – a full list is available on the changelog page.

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