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I totally understand that for Hiddleston and Cumberbatch because they're straight, and even Armitage to an extent because that's not 100 percent clear, but to be pissed about a Lee Pace thread on a gay board is really fucking dumb. I know that really fucking bothers you, but please go whine about it on tumblr with the rest of your kind and leave us alone. Your oblivious rantings make the cum churn in my ample balls.

Tell me more about fan girls and trolls and your oblivious opinions on someone you don't know.

Look at the how the jacket on Lee creases around the chest/shoulder area, but doesn't on Richard's.

This is because Lee's is a lighter weight and different material.

R27 is the typical frau in denial, R26Obviously his beard Annabelle Capper left whith other people and without him, that reading was just smoke in the eyes for his gullible fangurls after the leaked pics of him and Pace in Texas. I think Lee is ready to just be "out" and Richard isn't. R27 and R28 are like opposite ends of the same crazy coin.

The bearding is back and the fraus are too stupid to get it. Also R21 of course they post pictures and gifs everywhere of the kiss with the woman in the play, but nothing gay related.

Btw, awful acting, it seems he's no longer used to do theatre or he simply didn't do enough rehearsals. After all acting was not the purpose of the soirée, it was just a charade set up by his PR people to pander to the fraus. They're both gorgoeus, seem very smart and have a down to earth attitude. OF kind of sucks that some deranged person can just spam a thread into oblivion and there is nothing that can be done?

But I could find no way to report her other than the silly troll-dar link which did nothing.

He's gone back in the closet as well and his niceness just seems so forced and fake.

With Richard he's quiet and shy but when he does show moments of humour and kindness it seems dorky sweet and genuine.

This isn't a matter of one being more pressed than the other, it's clearly a different fabric blend.

The jacket is the same, the defect in the lapel is visible in both shots.

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