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Body language for success with women and dating

You don't want to see what goes into it behind the scenes.

Cute little appetizers that looked like exotic blooms. We don't want arm candy, we want someone we can count on in life. Early dates, I suppose are like politics and sausage.

So allow him to be useful in any ways possible - especially if he offers.

" It's not, but all the same, men need to learn, on dates, to keep their eyes on their partners and bring genuine presence and attention to her.

Women may not stare at every attractive butt that wanders by, but men often complain that women are incessant phone checkers.

Yes, gender roles are changing, but when a man is dating a woman, he is generally not only assessing whether you'd be a good fit at home, but also in public. Classic dating tomes tell women to smile and tilt their head and laugh at a man's jokes, feeble as they may be, in order to create attraction.

Wow, I could never take her out to a meal with my business associates because she would instantly lower my status.

Women are far more intuitive than men in body language and you can use her ability to your own advantage. With your body language send signals that you are looking for approval and acceptance, and this is a big turn off for hot women because they look for men to admire and not men who put them in a pedestal.

Hot women are looking for leaders, men to follow who have a higher social status than them.That they get distracted by dings and pings and buzzes and the affect is the same: the date feels unimportant and dismissed. People move quickly, swipe quickly and dismiss each other quickly.If you want to get rid of a guy - reverse everything above.Give a guy the chance to feel as if you both desire and need his attentiveness and assistance. Men are often accused of having "roving eyes" because men are indeed hard wired to look at sexually appealing women.A woman once asked me, "If a guy checks out another woman, is that a sign he doesn't like you?Your body language should communicate that you are the one who is withholding or granting approval.For us men, it’s often hard work to spot the body language signs of a woman whilst we’re interacting with her.But if you want to attract him more deeply, make sure you use your body.In the end, few things are more influential on a man's psyche than the subtle gestures, invitations, openings and closings of the female body.You just want to experience the wonder of the finished product.So any kind of picking - including of the teeth, ears and nose - and any grooming of the nails or hair is best left to private areas.

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