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[Wiz Khalifa – Intro] Yeah ah ha you know what it is Black and yellow, black and yellow Black and yellow, black and yellow (repeated) [Chorus] Yeah ah ha, you know what it is everything I do, I do it big Yeah ah ha, screaming thats nothin when I pulled out of the lot, thats stuntin reppin my town when you see me you know everything Black and yellow, black and yellow Black and yellow, black and yellow I put it down from my whip to my diamonds Black and yellow, black and yellow Black and yellow, black and yellow Black and yellow, black and yellow [Wiz Khalifa- Verse 1] Uh, black stripe, yellow paint the n-ggas scared of it but them hoes aint soon as I hit the club look at them hoes face put the pedal once make the floor shake suede inside, engine roaring it’s the big boy you know what I pay for it and I got the pedal to the metal got you n-ggas checking game I’m balling out on every level hear them haters talk but there’s nothing you can tell em just made a million, got another million on my schedule no love for em n-gga breaking hearts no keys, push the start [Chorus] [Wiz Khalifa- Verse 2] Got a call from my jeweler this just in and b-tches love me cuz Im f-cking with there best friends not a lesbian but she a freak though come stay for one night I’m shining all week hoe I’m sippin (?

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