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Children are simply “upset” and don’t know how to talk about it, pinpoint what’s causing it, or label it.

His immaturity means he gets disgusted easy, and he has a tendency to repeat what he hears without full comprehension, for example: in Bender's Game, Igner repeats the phrase "We're owl exterminators" twice, and pronounces exterminators wrong.

In Bender's Game, Igner helps Fry, Leela and Farnsworth escape his pursuing brothers, by denying that he had seen anybody to Walt.

Nothing has changed in our home and I e-mailed his teacher at school to see if he is acting differently or if there are any problems there.

Other than his homework coming back sloppy, she did say he’s not following directions.

Despite their comical personalities and characteristics, they often succeed in their tasks.

However, despite their unending love for their mother, they would sometimes not be in favor of her overthrowing humanity, and would not hesitate to team up with the other characters (presumably the Planet Express Crew).When he learns that Professor Farnsworth is the man who broke Mom's heart, like a child whose parents have separated, he assumes that bringing Farnsworth and Mom back together should be a simple task that will make her happy and thus everything will be alright again.Another example is in Overclockwise, where after he and his brothers lost in a video game thanks to Bender and Cubert Farnsworth, despite him saying that they'll handle this situation as matured adults, he instead whined and complained to Mom about them "didn't play fair." Larry is the sniveling and shy middle child of Mom's three sons, and is somewhat less intelligent than Walt, but nonetheless the most stable of the three.However, while everybody else was going along with the Dungeons and Dragons/Lord of the Rings parody, Igner's alternate reality persona got confused and pulled out a lightsaber, and started parodying Star Wars.It was revealed in Bender's Game that Igner is the son of Professor Farnsworth, making him the distant nephew of Fry and half-brother of Cubert, while his brothers have so far been assumed as the sons of Mom and Wernstrom.I’ve tried talking to him but he won’t let on to anything bothering him. Children can feel and experience all the emotions that adults do — except they can’t label or articulate them.As an adult you can discuss the difference between being frustrated and being aggravated.He is having trouble sleeping and seems to have become more clingy to me.He has 3 night lights in his room but insists on leaving the TV on to fall asleep.Major Villains Bender | Dark One | Hypnotoad | Lrrr | Mom | Professor Ogden Wernstrom | Richard Nixon | The Big Brain | The Robot Devil | Yivo | Zapp Brannigan Supporting Villains Ambassador Mervin | Bart Simpson's Creatures | Chaunakah Zombie | Computer Judge | Donbot | El Chupanibre | Elzar | Flexo | Francis X.I have a 9-year-old son who for the past 2 months seems to be regressing.

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