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Maureen dowd was dating

For all those smart single women out there, here's some advice: 1) Stop reading Maureen Dowd's column.

Smart young women must reject the myth that men are intimidated by them.

So all his fans are hopeful that, this time he would have a beautiful romantic union, with his woman, Mariah Shriver to cherish for life.

But now a source had revealed to Radar Online that they were having an affair a long time before this came up.

In fact, Schwarzenegger had made the revelations in 2011, and the source remembered Dowd and Shriver meeting in a hotel in 2007, but the affair had been going on long before then.

To win the American male vote, Hillary Clinton should dumb herself down. Millions of women across the country just got a migraine.

Small-scale opinion surveys may hem and haw about men's preferences for subordinate women, but actions speak louder than words: According to this year's Current Population Survey research of 50,000 households, women who have graduate degrees and/or top salaries are more likely to marry than their less accomplished sisters.

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