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Though I recognized my responsibility to my family to do well in school, the cultural theme didn’t have a strong enough hold to keep me from dating.

Also, in talking with my dad, he introduced another facet of Chinese culture that really caught me by surprise.

Thus, my father grew up in a humble family of two professors with a dream to escape the vengeful place that had dethroned his father’s family.

At the time, she had been married to my dad for four years and they were still without child. When my mom was graduating college, knew where she was going for grad school, she had already met my dad, and, true to Chinese tradition, she had started thinking seriously about marriage.

In the 1980s, when he met my mom, he claims that they were “introduced.” As I questioned him further, it came to light that there was a match-maker involved.

As he explained it, he met my mom through being introduced.

According to my mom, the day she met my father, she didn’t have a clue what she was getting into.

A day in August, when she was 21, her mom said they were going to visit Mr. My mom thought it would be just a casual visit to an elder’s house, so she casually agreed to go along.

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