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When it comes to livestreams, You Tube’s team expedites the process of reviewing copyright infringement claims to ensure that those streams can be taken down.As a You Tube representative told Polygon, once those reference files are provided to You Tube, it’s easier for teams to keep an eye on what is being uploaded illegally and what’s not.This isn’t the first time that premiered in July, Adult Swim made the first few episodes free on its website, airing them simultaneously with the broadcast versions.

The book’s monsters include a werewolf, the Gill-man, the mummy, and later, Frankenstein’s Monster.

He brings this knowledge to the Losers’ Club to help them piece together ITs timeline, while his keen nose for history stays with him as an adult, where he becomes Derry’s librarian.

In the film version, Mike’s parents were both burned to death in a fire and he now works for his grandfather, reluctantly killing sheep with a bolt-gun.

That means it’s up to Adult Swim to work with You Tube on ensuring livestreams of the series aren’t appearing on the site.

When asked whether Adult Swim is working with You Tube to upload reference files so this doesn’t happen in the future or if takedown requests had been sent, the network had no comment.

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