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Further examination, revealed what we call dactylitis (sausage digit, because it looks like a sausage), pitting of a couple of finger nails and some psoriasis in the Umbilicus (belly button).

Copper is a key component of state-of-the-art energy, aerospace, transportation, and telecommunications systems throughout the world.

The red metal remains essential to plumbing, conductivity and connectivity, and it is a critical element in new technology.

From time to time, we, at AARA PC might have a research protocol or two aimed at psoriatic arthritis, and it wouldn’t hurt to periodically call us and check up on this if one has been diagnosed as having Psoriatic Arthritis.

We also have ongoing research studies for RA, and OA and other varieties of Rheumatic disease.

A patient presented to my office as a new patient, sent because of elbow pain.

After careful history taking and an examination of the elbow, it was determined that she had what is better known as “Tennis elbow”, or lateral epicondylitis.Psoriatic arthritis comes in many forms and varieties.It can look just like rheumatoid arthritis (RA), involve the spine in a way similar to ankylosing spondylitis (inflammation of the spine), and can be associated with non-musculoskeletal issues such as sores in the mouth and inflammation in the eye.Psoriatic arthritis is, as are most illnesses, diagnosed primarily with a good history, good physical exam, and experience helps. Just because a patient has a positive Rheumatoid factor, does not mean that they have RA and not psoriatic arthritis.Patients have chronic illness, characterized by periods of relative improvement and then periods of flare-ups i.e., worsening.Antimicrobial copper is also gaining prominence for its ability to help prevent the spread of infections.AMA Fact Sheet on Uses of Copper in Modern Life Molybdenum is used primarily in the steel industry for corrosion resistance, strengthening and heat resistance.The Holbrook Basin in Northern Arizona holds a significant deposit of potash.Two companies are engaged in an extensive permitting process to open Arizona's first potash mine in 2018.Below is a list of the most abundant metals and minerals found in Arizona and some of their common applications.Arizona's economy was built on the 5 C's of Copper, Cotton, Cattle, Climate and Citrus.

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