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Quote: "We are a group of 4 shadchanim who network with others in order to expand the pool of like singles with medical issues.

Our work is all done L'Shaim Mitzva and hope that with the help of the Ribbono Shel Olam we can help ALL people, regardless of their situation build a Bayis.

All calls and all information are strictly confidential.

During the 1940s ISL became the language of a well-established community of Jewish deaf people in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Today ISL is the most used and taught sign language in Israel, and serves as the main mode of communication for most deaf people in Israel, including Jewish, Muslim and Christian Arabs, Druze, and Bedouins.

Once the "sponsor" uploads the form, with any additional comments, to the web site, he/she can then search the site for a possible shidduch for his/her student.

The site is run by Encounter Usa and its Director, Baltimore psychotherapist and self-esteem author, Rabbi Yisroel Roll, who can be reached at [email protected] in singles with medical issyes seeking a shidduch.

, cuz those people r just NOT worth it:)love morgan After reading this made me have a whole diffrent effect on holocaust.

that makes some time wonder on how would i have survied if i was born to houlcaust.

For example, French Sign Language originated in France, but is not related to French.

Electronic Mailing Lists Groups and Organizations Shidduch Resource Sites On-line Direct Shidduchim Sites On-line Indirect Shidduchim Sites Special Needs Shidduch Resources Shidduch Humor Shidduch Themed Web Logs (Blogs) Miscellaneous Shidduch Themed Sites Note: The Encounter USA Zivugim site is only usable by rabbis, rebbetzins and educators, seeking shidduchim for their talmidim/talmidos.

In the past I watched over Israel and Judah, to pull them up and tear them down, to destroy them and bring them disaster.

keep living ur life soo everyone can make sure the Holocaust will NEVER happen again and to defy prejudice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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