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It was originally developed in 2000 by Japanese programmer Shi-chan.

The last version released in 2003, and has enjoyed significant popularity.

Chat using face-to-face chat or just simply text to friends, family or random strangers.

Host a chat room or participate in a created chat room.

No hay ni un día que funcionen todos, lo habitual es que estén estropeados 2 o 3 tramos.

Esta mañana, a las , eran 3, ayer 2, antes de ayer...

Ten minutes after all users have closed their browser windows running the session, the session's content is deleted if it is not saved before.

Drawball is a Flash-based website that hosts a large circular canvas on which visitors can collaboratively draw in real time using a limited quantity of virtual ink. The website identifies users based on their IP address, allowing each a certain amount of ink to be used. On the side of the canvas is a group chat accessible without login for anyone. Similar to Pictionary, the game features public rooms in which you have a 60-second time limit to draw a given word or phrase in a turn-based format.

Finished drawings can be saved to Queeky's art gallery. This is a web application utilizing the HTML5 specification.

As the result, it does not require any plug-ins or add-ons and works directly in the browsers supporting this technology. A device-independent, web-based zoomable whiteboard with realtime collaboration written in pure html5 and javascript.

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