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Olivia newton and john travolta dating

So it was a case of, 'Oh hello.' That certain magic which happens at certain times happened to us. I would hear stories like that and go, 'Oh, yeah, right.' Then it happened to me. I realise that I am very lucky." They slipped away like teenagers to marry at an Incan spiritual ceremony in Cuzco, followed nine days later by a legal ceremony on Jupiter Island, Florida. The only person she told in advance was 25-year-old Chloe, her singer daughter by first husband, dancer and actor Matt Lattanzi. My life has been lived in the public eye and I wanted this one to be private.” She did not announce that she was married until a month later and even now friends have expressed their shock. “I used to be so nervous before performances,” she says.

“We wanted it to be about us rather than everyone else,” she explains. “But I no longer worry about every little thing and have changed my attitude completely.

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The FIX caught up with the chummy duo about their musical reunion and the secret behind their sizzling on-screen chemistry.

“I was forced to talk about it, really,” she recalls.

“I was in Los Angeles and someone found out and told the press.

"I don't ask anything about what they say or do with each other.

I just respectfully..."Ellen quickly figures out that it's Ella's mom who is in charge of the dating scene. " the daytime talk show host asks Kelly."I know everything," Kelly responds."Well mothers always do," John jokes.

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