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Interethnic and interracial dating in college

Interested in research-based approaches to addressing immigration-related conflict constructively and working toward social justice and peaceful coexistence?

You can use this graduate-level Immigration & Conflict syllabus as a starting point for self-study, or pick and choose topics to inform related research questions, activism, or course design.

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It delves into psychological theories of intergroup prejudice, identity formation, and ethnocentrism; sociological theories of networks, assimilation, and group threat, and political explanations of citizenship, political discourse, power, and international institutions to influence migration and refugee policy.

The course examines different approaches to addressing conflict between immigrants and the host population, including interpersonal approaches like dialogue, training, trauma awareness, and cross-cultural mediation, as well as system-level approaches like advocacy, networked peacebuilding, public policy, and strategic nonviolent tactics. It will also study examples including; the 2006 pro-immigration marches in LA and elsewhere; the struggle between ‘welcome refugees’ movements vs.

Although I am firmly committed to open access scholarship, the field is not there yet, and presenting a selection of the some of the best work on migration and conflict requires including work that is not freely available.

The primary target audience for this resource is university faculty and students, who can generally get access through their library.Several of the scenarios that are available include border disputes between India/Pakistan and Thailand/Cambodia in which displacement and migration/refugees would be an important factor, and a scenario in South America that attempts to address interconnected issues of migration, trade, drugs, and environmental sustainability.https://edu/education/simulations/catalog If you would like additional field-based training on these themes, consider applying for the UMass Boston/FLACSO Summer Institute on Conflict Transformation across Borders, which takes place in Quito, Ecuador each summer. For more information about a master’s degree in conflict resolution or a doctoral degree in global governance and human security with an emphasis on conflict and migration, check out the UMass Boston Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance.Course Description: This course explores the conflicts that emerge as a result of intergroup encounters when people move to a new host country, whether they are migrating in search of economic opportunity or fleeing violence and oppression.Using an interdisciplinary approach, the course examines the push and pull factors driving migration, as well as the economic and identity factors that explain host-country receptivity or exclusion.Want to understand the deeper roots of conflict between immigrants and their host communities?Wish you could go beyond the polarized ideological camps’ framing of the immigration debate as only having two sides?The original syllabus with assignments can be found here.*a note about access: Many of the readings listed below are scholarly articles and books that require a purchase or database subscription.At a time when a travel ban proposes to block refugees and other migrants from certain Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, Europe’s reception of a large number of displaced persons fleeing the Middle East has sparked both nationalist campaigns and Refugees Welcome movements, and violence in Central America has pushed many unaccompanied children to flee toward what they hope is safety in other countries, migration-related conflict (and possibilities for peaceful coexistence) dominate the news headlines.This syllabus represents an attempt to bring a deeper understanding of the causes of such conflict, and research-based strategies for peacebuilding in migrant-receiving communities and countries.

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