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Browning a 5 picture dating

All told, the Auto 5 design is the second most manufactured auto-loading shotgun of all time. Shooting If you have never shot one of the old Auto5s, there are a couple of things that are a little different from its successors.

They had a long working relationship at the time, one that had resulted in multiple lever and pump action rifles and the model 93and 97 pump action shotguns.

The story goes that Winchester thought the new autoloading shotgun design was ugly.

There are light target or trap loads, heavy turkey loads and fast waterfowl shells.

Accommodating the difference in energy of these loads is the hardest part of designing an autoloading shotgun.

Browning has the manuals for the Auto 5 on its website that give detailed instructions on how to set the rings up.

A well maintained and properly set up Auto 5 is a pleasure to shoot.The recoil isn’t that bad, though it is still a shotgun and will kick as such.These old shotguns sometimes have a reputation of kicking like a Missouri mule, and they will if they are not set up correctly. They were made in Belgium until 1975, when production moved to Japan. The classic Remington Model 11 is a licensed copy and was the first semi-auto shotgun to be made in the United States. Savage also made the models 720 and 745 from 1930 until 1949.The force of the recoil moves them both backwards and compresses a spring that is coiled around the magazine tube.Once they have reached the rear of the receiver, the barrel and bolt unlock.FN Herstal ran with it and ended up making the Auto 5 for almost 100 years. Auto 5s marked “FN” show up from time to time here in the States.One thing to remember if you come across one is that they are not chambered in the typical American fashion.I’m sure it’s a matter of physics involving the mass of the barrel, but it is useful for reducing split times between shots. He had four of them, two Belgian- made Brownings and two Remington model 11s.I will admit I am a bit biased when it comes to the Auto 5 and its variants. There is no telling how many boxes of shells these guns have fired or how many birds have they’ve knocked out of the sky. These old scatterguns have been across miles and miles of fields and woods. It’s all character of a well-loved and well-used firearm.Browning next went to Remington to see if it would be interested in making the ugly gun.The story told here is that while John Moses was waiting for a meeting with Marcellus Hartley, the president of Remington, Hartley had a heart attack and died.

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