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Top ten intimidating dogs

People oriented and lover of fun and play, the spotted Dalmatian would be an incredible addition to any family.

Energetic, this breed loves to run with the kids all day long and snuggle with them at night.

Dachshund means ‘badger dog’ in German, and any canine bred for the purpose of dealing with such a beast is no joke.

If you have children, or are planning on having any someday, consider adopting one of these breeds and watch them quickly become more “sibling” than “pet!Only recently kept as a house pet in any large numbers, this sturdy dog was bred to take on foxes and pursue vermin underground.Bored or improperly socialized Jack Russells can be dangerous, and though they rarely top 20lbs, they have a tenacious temperament backed up by wicked little jaws, and they will never back down from a fight, regardless of the adversary.Goldens are intelligent, eager to please and love to play and run with children.The “Buddy” franchise movies aid in keeping the Golden Retriever a popular choice among families.Pete from the “Little Rascals” short movies was an Am Staff.Don’t let their size be intimidating, these gentle giants are wonderful family dogs. Make it a family event to go to a shelter and pick a loving, loyal family mutt!This working dog is considered affectionate and loving, although there may be an instinct to herd its family; this might not be so bad if the kiddos are running late for school.The AKC described this breed as athletic filled with clownish energy. This eager to please breed is bouncy and enjoys playing with her pack members.Because of their smaller size, the bites aren’t serious and rarely require medical attention, which skews the statistics unfairly.Below is a list of ten breeds that, while small or not otherwise overtly intimidating, are frequently underestimated.

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