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Edit Outline: On entering a fraction, the message prompt "Enter a numeric value" does not close.

A project timeline is made up of rows, each representing a certain activity that is named in the label to the left.

The rows, in turn, contain timeline items such as bars, milestones and brackets.

You can explicitly select an entire row to change its look, add or remove labels, drag it to another location or use to move it.

Note: There is a special row below the chart reserved for the most important milestones.

You can apply all of these buttons to one or multiple selected rows: Each row supports up to three labels, resulting in up to three text columns next to the actual timeline.

The default headlines for the three columns are language dependent (see Language dependency), with “Activity,” “Responsible” and “Remark” used as the default English headlines.You can show the scale again using the Scales menu from the toolbar.When you deleted a scale it will not show again automatically, even when the chart size or date range is changed.All of these settings are available in the menu Each scale supports various ways to display date information, e.g., the months scale may show month names like “September” or numbers like “09.” You probably want to choose the appropriate format depending on the available space.To do so, select the scale with the mouse and use the floating toolbar that appears to select the desired format.You cannot add bars to this row, you cannot move it by drag-and-drop, and you cannot delete it.Otherwise, it is just an additional activity row which is always there.Since the dropdown menu is actually a date format control (see Date format control), you can also type in arbitrary date format strings.Note: As with other labels, you can add arbitrary text to the scale labels, such as footnote markers or short comments.You are free to overwrite or remove them if necessary.The labels to the left are intended for names of activities.

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