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They have lobed toes and are excellent swimmers and divers.Their feet are placed far back on the body, making them quite ungainly on land.Having the largest wingspan-to-body-weight ratio of any bird, they are essentially aerial, able to stay aloft for more than a week.

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This is a list of the bird species recorded in Kenya.

In general, they are plump (although they vary in size) and have broad, relatively short wings.

Family: Podicipedidae Grebes are small to medium-large freshwater diving birds.The notes of population status are from the Avibase Bird Checklists of the World.Family: Struthionidae The ostriches are flightless birds native to Africa.Sugar Mama Whats App Number - Hello guys, my name is Tasha. I recently stumbled on sugar mummy website while searching for a younger man online. However, you have nothing to worry about because, we will do chats, video calls, I will send you money regularly to take care of yourself.So I decided to contact the admin to share my information. These birds are adapted to an aquatic existence with webbed feet, flattened bills, and feathers that are excellent at shedding water due to an oily coating.Family: Phasianidae The Phasianidae are a family of terrestrial birds which consists of quails, partridges, snowcocks, francolins, spurfowls, tragopans, monals, pheasants, peafowls, and jungle fowls.Their nests can be large and may be reused for many years. Family: Fregatidae Frigatebirds are large seabirds usually found over tropical oceans.They are large, black-and-white, or completely black, with long wings and deeply forked tails. They do not swim or walk and cannot take off from a flat surface.They have long, broad wings with 11 primary and about 20 secondary feathers.They are strong fliers and despite their size and weight, very capable soarers.

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