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Coughlin initially told investors they could withdraw money whenever they wanted to, but later, as the sole approving authority, Coughlin ceased withdrawals and began telling his associates and investors that the taxing authorities in the United States and Canada were freezing the assets related to both of the businesses.In early 2012, using a fictitious private letter memorandum purportedly between the IRS and Oxford International Credit Union, Coughlin told investors that an agreement had been reached with the taxing authorities.The tax returns each contained materially false items.

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In fact, the dependents did not live with the taxpayer more than half of the year, nor was more than 50% support provided for the dependents, thus making the taxpayer ineligible to claim them as dependents, file as Head of Household, or receive the Earned Income Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit.Sheikh and John would then use the pre-paid debit cards to purchase money orders at supermarkets and other locations, and deposit the money orders into various bank accounts, typically not their own.A sample of transaction records revealed John and Sheikh purchased more than ,000 in money orders from pre-paid debit cards in late June 2014 and July 2014.She was promoted in September 2012 to the position of Correspondence Examination Technician.Her primary duty was to provide assistance to taxpayers throughout the U. that were under IRS examination by educating them on tax laws and helping them to resolve IRS examination issues.Brown-English was required to complete training courses for this position that included the topics of Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credits, claimed dependents, and filing status.In 20, respectively, Brown-English allegedly prepared and filed her own 20 Federal income tax returns, in which she falsely claimed two dependents and listed them as her "parent" and her "nephew." She also claimed her filing status was Head of Household.Coughlin was sentenced to 90-months imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release.While on supervised release, Coughlin is not to engage in any business involving securities or investments and must undergo a mental health evaluation.During the same time period, Brown-English allegedly prepared and filed the 20 tax returns of a second individual with similar false claims.On the individuals 2011 return, five dependents were fraudulently claimed. The returns also contained false claims for the Child Tax Credit, the Additional Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and Head of Household filing status.

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