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Our latest beverage and dessert are the Zam Zam Ice cream.Beside creating the transquility environment, we put the taste of real coffee ahead to ensure all the customer statisfy with what they paid for.Our café is using high quality Arabica Coffee bean mix up with Java Coffee bean to create such a tremendously aroma and taste of fresh brew coffee. Buddies Café also served wide selection of pastry, waffle, sandwiches and Cheese Cake to meet the taste bud of the customer while having their coffee.Having a KLCC as a panaromic landmark and background , has given Buddies Café Tourism Centre such an amazing attraction.Located in Malaysia Tourism Centre has make the café as one the hot spot for tourist and at the same time adding task to our priority to boost and help promoting the tourism industry closely hand in hand with Ma Ti C "Chill …. Coffee Unleash The Real Taste With Us" That’s our motto which we use to the café.For sure, any meet up session with friends, work colleague or your partners will be come a memorable experience.With soothing back ground music along with free wifi and reasonable price will surely become the main X factor why u should drop by to our café on your visit to Ma Ti C For more information, kindly get in touch with ; Lissa Hashim – 0 ( Manager ) Buddies Café @ Ma Ti C, Jalan Ampang Insta : BUDDIES_CAFE_ADMIN Email : Experience the variety of Malaysia Cultural Dance by our in-house troupe.Tourist Police Counter opens 24 hours a day to assist you in providing information on laws, customs and things that are prohibited in Malaysia.The police in charge will advise you on actions that you should take if your passport is loss or stolen.I have always have doubt of buying stuff online but you guys have help me to solved my problems and done it very well... especially to Nick the (Customer Service) and others... Good service, Problem solved efficiently, Good attitude, Great,[SG]Love the products I bought from Sgshop and honest seller... The quality is good and thanks to the warehouse team to check all the goods before sending it to us the customers... Good service, Problem solved efficiently, Impressive, Enthusiastic, Swift response,[SG]I am grateful that sgshop has delivered the items in time, after calling them two days that I needed the items urgently, they impressed me for being faithful in delivering the items on the third day, right before the day that I needed. The goods are all in great condition, very happy with the purchased items and sgshop\'s service.

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