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Generic dating emails

After the initial new member period of a week or two, it didn't matter how much longer I waited. Well, basically, all the items in the table above, accept the email text.

If you’re not familiar with statistical analysis, let me just briefly explain the numbers in the table.

If you’re like most people, you write emails that are ineffective. You’re not making a connection worthy of a response.

That’s because they look like this (note: these are real): Assuming you don’t write emails like the gems above, why are your emails not getting responses?

Men prefer younger women, and those women get more emails, making them less likely to respond to yours.

Now look at how the line shifts when we start considering the other variables. Even if you ignore the fact that the P Value is so large and you pretend the analysis results are valid, the impact of the email is still tiny.

I wanted to somehow track attractiveness, so I began by subjectively rating each profile myself, but it became too time consuming, so I gave that up. The table shows which variables have the biggest impact on whether or not a woman is going to respond to an initiation email. The “percent match” produced by’s algorithm had no significance.

I thought that height might have an impact, but that had not discernible effect either.The “P Value” estimates how significant the analysis results are for a certain variable.One way to look at the P Value is to think of it as the likelihood that the analysis is due to coincidence. A general rule of thumb is that any variable with a P Value below 0.05 or so is considered “statistically significant.” So in the table above, Age and location (the Nearby variable) are very strong indicators of email response rate. Most of the emails I receive on OKCupid are entertaining but not worthy of a response.If your emails have gone unanswered, I have the solution.Make a few little tweaks to your emails, and your inbox will soon be full.◊♦◊You don’t yet know a first name, and a username just sounds awkward as a greeting.That’s why I recommend skipping the greeting and going right to the body of the email. My dachshund, Ralph, is better than my personal trainer.—You’re on or Ok Cupid, and you send out a few online dating emails to people you like. I love being able to spot the problem areas and help clients write emails that attract the right attention. More emails get answered, and more connections are made=more first dates = more relationships=happy clients (and a happy coach)! One of the services I provide for my private coaching clients is analyzing their email exchanges.In it I discuss all my tips and tricks learned over years of online dating, how to optimize your online dating strategy, and how to automate the whole process.So you want to know if your online dating emails need to be personalized?

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