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We recommend that all our users opt for the Flash-version of the chat (currently in use). To become a premium (GOLD) member for life and unlock this feature, all you have to do is buy any amount of tokens one time!I borrowed this from another forum, but it's just too damn funny so I wanted to pass it on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This conversation is real.

Put out the bait,lay back and watch the hook snag 'em. Secondly don't go about calling a girl you just met online, names like 'sweetheart,baby,darling and so on.Buh seriously, I hate it wen doze gurls use d "kk, aii, brb" lines on me.I feel u shd jes try $ b urself wit her, more than jes a stranger, if she keeps resisting $ can't feel ur sense of humor; simply let her off, she's got mega problems $ might need therapy to help her deal wit it.You can also lock-release Flash by pressing on the "puzzle" icon in the top right corner of your browser.You are currently using the Flash-version of the chat: it's fully featured and optimized. Girl: You look like the Farm Fresh guy lol Boy: Well, you look like you ATE the Farm Fresh guy.... Girl: Go **** yourself Boy: I was going to until I saw that picture Boy: Now my [censored] won't get hard for a week. Boy: And calling me the Farm Fresh guy doesn't hurt me? Girl: I can't believe that cops are after you Boy: I can't believe Santa lets you sit on his lap.. Girl: I've been teased my whole life because of my weight Girl: and you make fun of me when you don't even know me Boy: Ok. girl: neva minddude: ygirl: kdude: watz 'k'girl: kdude: seems u'r nt in a gud mood girl: kdude : anyway, nice meetin ugirl: k.dude: kgirl: kk.nnamhen, nawa o, chattin with most female strangers is like an interview, must d male do d questioning? i wonder y them gals r just too 'hostile', dont they understand d meanin of 'social' netwk?Nawa odude: watz up luvlygirl: guddude: hw ya doing? girl: guddude: nice pix, i luv d smilegirl: tnxdude: u can cal me Henry, bout u? Infact what I Know most females for is that they like chatting.

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