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Dating a recovering addict alcoholism

In general, relationships in the first year are a bad idea.

This is essentially why I created Somebody, a dating site tailor made for addicts made by a recovering alcoholic and addict. Sobriety is a reality and finding someone like-minded may be crucial to companionship.

It’s human nature to seek companionship, so why not make it somebody sober?

To that, I say a commonly used term recovery: it’s progress not perfection.

Regardless of how I focused on my own program of recovery, I felt there was a huge void with warding off new romantic relationships for an entire year.

We welcome your questions or comments in the section below and will try to respond to all legitimate queries with a personal and prompt reply. Many of us find ourselves with little social contact, except for those in meetings, etc.

I am one of those people dedicated to sobriety that did ignore that rule, and luckily it did work out for us.Yes, I ignored the rule, but I am still in that healthy, sober relationship to this day (4 years and counting!) I agree that the added support and understanding that we gave each other made this easier, not harder, to maintain sobriety.Nobody else on the planet has this type of site yet. To close, expanding interactions with the most possible people that have similar goals in mind is a great ingredient for success in recovery.Even though Somebody, has raised a lot of eyebrows in recovery communities, life should be truly lived to the fullest.My biggest issue with one of these rules when I first got sober was on a sweltering Phoenix summer day while sitting in rehab last August.Admittedly, how and where I was going to meet girls when I successfully completed this 90 day transformation from drugs and alcohol should have been the last thing on my mind.I fully understood why this rule was so heavily enforced.Relationships, especially new ones, often end in disaster..and in that case, relapsing is very much a possibility.However, if intentions and motives were above board, could going against and disobeying a major rule or suggestion in early recovery produce a successful relationship? Could two addict/alcoholics produce a positive relationship?

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