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Wsus client not updating status

Once the proxy settings are specified you can run wuauclt /detectnow and check the for errors. The result is that only one among these clients will appear in the console.

If you still have errors you can check the windows update agent version. You may also see that out of a group of these clients, only one appears at a time but the exact one that does appear may change over time.

For this reason, a Web site must be running on port 80, even if you put the WSUS Web site on a custom port.

The Web site on port 80 does not have to be dedicated to WSUS.

Within RSOP, browse to the Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update node and verify the configuration settings. If you think WSUS is not configured correctly, verify the IIS configuration.

WSUS uses IIS to update most client computers automatically to the WSUS-compatible Automatic Updates.

To accomplish this, WSUS Setup creates a virtual directory named /Selfupdate under the Web site running on port 80 of the computer on which you install WSUS.

This virtual directory, called the self-update tree, holds the latest WSUS client.

Occasionally, you might discover a client that isn’t automatically installing updates correctly.

Such clients are typically identified during software update audits.

You can also use the Windows file to verify that the client is attempting to access the correct update server.

Search for any error messages in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more troubleshooting information. If you are using WSUS, verify that the client can connect to the WSUS server. If you are prompted to download the file, this means that the client can reach the WSUS server and it is not a connectivity issue. If you are not prompted to download the file, you might have a name resolution or connectivity issue, or WSUS is not config¬ured correctly.

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