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“If you look at it, I produce very little content that effectively drives back to my website,” Ms. She prefers to use it to take on hot topics (such as chemistry), how to’s (such as getting ready for a date) or to try out her the various social experiments (such as choking a man out on the street).

All her other social media efforts are in the building phase now. “I’m gradually growing a following on other channels, but You Tube has been the one thing.” Her biggest hit so far has been this social experiment where she wore a blonde wig to see if life really was better that way, rather than as a brunette (it has one very organic surprise): Now that she’s a You Tuber with a five figure following, she’s started to explore taking that to the next level by collaborating with others.

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You’ve turned to You Tube with your questions about finding love, and that’s not a good sign.

“It really actually upsets me when I see emails going around from bigger dating companies, with subjects like, ‘These are the five text messages you need to send to win your ex back,'” she said, with increasing exasperation. If someone is obsessing over a relationship that’s not worked for them, you shouldn’t be selling them things based on their fear and unhappiness around that.” Ms. “A lot of the videos that I’m going to be producing next on my You Tube channel, that you’ll see coming out in a couple of weeks, I’m going to use the obvious titles, like ‘How to get the guy back if he’s broken up with you.’ And ‘The text message to send to win back your ex-boyfriend,'” she explained, “and then I’m going to completely undermine the whole thing in the hope that women, particularly women, will become more self-aware by watching it.” She went on, “For instance, here’s a slogan: meet the guy, get the guy, keep the guy.

So, immediately, this is female dating which is set up around the acquisition of a man.

The Sun Online revealed though that naughty Eden had been enjoying a secret romance with Kim K lookalike Chanelle Sadie Paul, who he'd tried to fix up with Kim's BFF Jonathan Cheban in a previous series of the E4 show.

There have also been some rumours of a possible romance between Eden and his Celebs Go Dating co-star Lady Nadia Essex, but she's denied that would ever happen.She said that she’s beginning to believe what other people using the site have told her, that collaborations are the heart of You Tube.That will be one of her new strategies for growth which may either be complemented or undermined by what she wants to grow. “I’m really redesigning my whole content strategy in 2016,” Ms. Intentionally or not, she believes the industry is undermining humanity, even people who don’t use dating coaches.While You Tube has been a godsend for homeowners who have never replaced the blade on a chainsaw, if you’re on You Tube sorting out your love life it’s likely because your friends are tired of hearing about it or you’re embarrassed to admit some of the ill-advised lengths to which you’ve gone. Many dating experts use You Tube to sell the lovelorn on their unique philosophies for curing what ails them.The Observer recently caught up with one of the industry’s rising stars, London-based Hayley Quinn, and we met her at an inflection point where she has realized her industry is actually undermining people at their weakest.There’s a subtext in that phrase that you have to procure a man and then you have to do things to keep him with you.” Ms.Quinn’s curriculum helps her students get comfortable with courtship skills. She shows herself starting out with a tough case named “Martin” on a coaching run through a comic book convention.For example, first, get comfortable showing confidence while introducing yourself to a woman in public. She’s managed to convert insights she’s gleaned helping out fellows like him into content that yields recurring income. I don’t even break even on my You Tube production costs.” SEE ALSO: a million-dollar podcast breaks down its business.She broke her business down into four main revenue streams, in descending order of importance: digital products (such as videos or how-to guides), her subscription site, coaching and media fees and, lastly, ad revenue from You Tube. When she started making You Tube videos, it was to build her brand as a dating coach.Celebs Go Dating returned in 2018 with a new series of romance and drama.The full Celebs Go Dating 2018 line-up is: Eden might look young, but you don't become a dating and relationship expert without a bit of experience to back up your wisdom.

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