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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Actually, this question is hard to answer because each month and season has something great to offer! Instead of suggesting a “best time” or a “best season”, I thought it might be more helpful to list what you might be able to see in each season – and then you can decide yourself when’s the best time to travel to Japan!At the same time as the hydrangeas there are also irises (菖蒲, shoubu). The official climbing season is from July to August, so you wouldn’t want to miss that chance.

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Summer starts with the rainy season – usually in early June – and ends in mid-July. If you’re not used to temperatures over 30°C and a humidity level of 90% , summer in Japan might be very tough.

On top of that there are many creepy and some dangerous insects.

The main season for festivals is “obon” (お盆), the time around August 13th-15th.

Please note that this is also another busy travel time as it’s summer vacation for students and most adults have days off during “obon”.

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