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He quickly texted a message to his battalion staff, Dont pay attention to the media, This is how I expect my men to act.

Their deepest fear is that the broad Israeli public will pay attention to what its sons and daughters are doing daily in the West Bank in their name — that there simply is no way to stage manage a telegenic occupation.

The Israeli veterans of Breaking The Silence who have tried to shake their fellow countrymen from their stupor of denial have been persecuted and vilified.

The decision, not only to arrest Ahed Tamimi, but to distribute the footage of her arrest to the Israeli media this morning, reflects the priorities of the IDF Spokesperson Unit and the military leadership it serves.

The IDFs overriding need is not to be seen as weak in the eyes of the mainstream Israeli public.

What is still surprising, after so many years in which Israelis have been exposed to foreign media, is that they still cant conceive of how anyone can see IDF soldiers as anything but figures that instill confidence and empathy.

Ive given guest lectures for advanced command courses in which the cream of the IDFs officers corps, its future battalion and brigade commanders, found it difficult to grasp the fact that often in interactions with foreign correspondents, especially in the typical operational scenarios of the West Bank military occupation, they are automatically at a disadvantage.

Left-wing politicians and pundits tried to argue that the officers deserved to be commended for showing restraint, but that was hardly an argument to inspire confidence.

National pride was saved as news arrived that one of the girls, 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi had been arrested in her home in the early hours, four days after the event was filmed.

And now the Palestinians are likewise not allowed to make the IDF look bad.

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