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Badge number 56387L, shown below, was found beneath the seat of a car I own.Unlike some, this badge - a pre-war example - is flat and quite lightweight, but features a reasonable amount of detail to the winged wheel at the top.

I always try to have the correct year's AA handbook casually sat on the back seat, or glove tray, of my old cars.

They turn up in old bookshops, car boot sales, and regularly show up in online auctions (click here to see what AA stuff is on e Bay today for instance). Some handbooks were hardback, others, like this Members Handbook from 1966, are a softback publication, in this case featuring an AA Patrol Austin Minivan on the cover.

The most common AA badges still in circulation, and most likely to be fitted to a badge bar on a classic car, are the domed examples, which first came out in 1945.

Owners of cars built from 1967 onwards should really look out for the later square badges, if they want to be 100% accurate.

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